Client Testimonials

“I have had a lot of counselling over the years but psychotherapy is different. I felt that Emma was more able to help me connect with the deeper reasons for my depression and expertly lead me to the next step in my life. She did challenge me at times but I appreciated that, I really recommend this way of working, it takes time but it gives long term results” Alicia, South London, 2020

“I wanted a different way of working and being in nature during our ‘walk and talk’ sessions gave me a chance to breathe and really process how I was feeling. I really recommend this way of working with anxiety, it is frankly life changing. Emma brings so many skills to her work, there aren’t many Psychotherapists like her in York so grab an appointment if you can!Terry, Thirsk, 2020

I was really struggling to come to terms with stress and bullying at work, Emma and I worked on how I would return to work and basically maintain my mental health. She was really patient and gave me space to share how much I had suffered at work, it was so obvious that she had lots of experience in this area and was really kind,  thank youJo, Leeds, 2020

” I really did not want to go in to therapy but my relationship broke up and my anxiety became crippling. Emma worked so practically with me to help me cope with the anxiety so I could manage it every day. I wish I had done this years ago” Abigail, York 2020

” My depression made it hard for me to study, I needed motivation to complete my degree so I contacted Emma to see if she could help me. We worked together to develop a way for me to be able to function and eventually I was able to see a way out of my depression and even begin to enjoy life again. Emma’s experience of working with students really shows, she knows the things we are up against” Tom, Harrogate, 2019

I was coming up for retirement and felt both panic and excitement, I wanted to explore who I was and what I wanted to do in the future. Emma and I discussed together my plans and dreams and its been fascinating and humbling. You don’t need to be in crisis to come in to therapy, give it a go to see who you can become!” Jenny, Leeds, 2019