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Posted February 2018; Why Nature is the best Therapy!

I often get asked what clients can do when things become overwhelming and I always say, go outside, find a tree you love and lean against it. It really works, give it a try!

Human beings are naturally drawn to nature and the colour green is calming, but for me its secrets lie in how it changes every day, embracing the day whatever the weather and season, it is a great reminder that change is constant and resisting it saps our energies.

When I need a boost I walk mindfully, feeling each step on the path and fully grounding myself. Slowly my circling thoughts ease and I focus on the clouds and feel of the wind.

As the first buds of Spring appear I feel true hope returning, I hope you do too!


Posted January 2018; Grow Your Potential in the New Year

One of my clients recently asked me why my practice was called Grow Your Potential.  I  explained to her that potential is really fundamental to the drive behind our work together in therapy. As a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, I am specifically looking for the qualities that make my clients unique that so often go unrecognised and unnoticed.

Even when things in our lives our truly awful and we loose sight of ourselves, it is often these qualities that give us resilience and strength to overcome them. It is our role as therapists to mirror these qualities and help our clients see themselves more clearly. When we begin to see our complexities, we can be kinder and more compassionate to ourselves, even begin to love who we are. In therapy we often hold the qualities of our clients close, my old supervisor used to say it was like holding a candle in the dark. When our clients are ready we hand the light to them, which is an image I love to think about.

As we enter the new year, I like to believe we could all see some of our great qualities if we could stop judging ourselves. This is why my resolution this year is to be kinder to myself and to watch how I speak to myself.

Have a great New Year!

December 31st 2017